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Jakob Green Walls, The Future of Urban Greening

With growing populations and the increasing impact of climate change, greening infrastructure is becoming more important than ever in towns and cities, to ensure that our urban environments remain liveable and healthy. But why use Jakob Green Walls for urban greening?

Over recent years, we have seen Green Walls play an increasingly important role in architects’ concepts and designs, becoming a hugely versatile design element for facades and free-standing structures. The main benefits of Jakob Green Walls for urban buildings, new and old are:

  • Up to 35% energy savings due to evaporative cooling and shading of plants; meaning reduced carbon footprint.
  • Up to a 5 dB noise reduction due to exterior sound reflection and absorption.
  • Improved CO2 balance.
  • Upgrading unattractive building elements.


When installed on buildings, public places, and streets, Green (or Living) Walls do more than provide improved aesthetics. They bring nature back to the city and make urban spaces more liveable for a variety of plant and insect species. A pleasant climate, less noise and better air quality are perceptible effects that also enhance the well-being of people living and working in, or visiting a city.

Green Wall technology is advancing rapidly, with new systems being developed and ever-larger projects installed.  Soaring over 150 meters high, the tallest exterior green wall in the world is a Jakob Green Wall supplied by Tensile Design & Construct at One Central Park in Sydney.

This ‘green marvel’ on two residential towers was made possible thanks to the support of Jakob Green Solutions and spans 1,120 square meters of vertical surfaces with 35,200 plants providing both shading and cooling for the building’s interior in the hot Australian summer.


However, Green Walls do not just have to be large external systems. Internal applications, including single cable systems will also improve the indoor climate by filtering particles and CO2 in exchange for oxygen, dampen noise and add an inspiring touch of green inside.

Proven in projects worldwide, our durable Green Wall systems provide a contemporary aesthetic whilst enabling a range of planting options to suit the local environment and prevailing climatic conditions. Providing a modern, sustainable solution, Green Walls really are bringing nature back to our urban environment.

To learn more about our Jakob Green Wall Systems, or discuss your specific project requirements, please contact us on 01761 419427 or email to talk to our technical team.

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