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Welcome to Green Walls. Bringing the age old technique of ‘greening’ into the 21st Century with our innovative products.

Whereas once the greening of buildings was left largely to nature, modern construction materials and methods make the practice more scientific, sustainable and long lasting – ensuring that the benefits derived are not at the expense of the integrity of the building structure.

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Green Walls Help Clean The Air We Breathe

Green Walls Help Clean The Air We Breathe

In 2019 National governments and local authorities are increasingly taking measures to improve air quality in towns and cities, with air pollution widely recognised as the most significant environmental risk to human health in the UK, and the fourth biggest threat overall - after cancer, heart disease and obesity. DEFRA published its ‘Clean Air Strategy’ that laid out a series of goals and actions required to achieve them, including the reduction of toxic pollutants like nitrogen oxides, pa...

Webnet Creates Open Atrium for Boston Offices

Webnet Creates Open Atrium for Boston Offices

A new public Atrium, built to link seven buildings on Binney Street in Boston Massachusetts with a large public park, has now opened. The Atrium which features three Jakob Webnet structures, has been constructed in the centre of the group of buildings, with the architects designing the new open space to allow access through the site from neighbouring buildings to the new park. The Atrium is designed to feel like an extension of the exterior landscape design at the ground floor, with natural...

Why planting a ‘green wall’ could improve your wealth!

Why planting a ‘green wall’ could improve your wealth!

What are the benefits of vertical planting? Vegetation provides a multitude of environmental and social benefits including improving air quality, reducing pollutants in run-off, reducing noise, creating a habitat for wildlife and reducing flood risk (e.g. by retaining rainfall within soils and canopy). There are also well documented physical and psychological health benefits. Vegetation can cool the air within and surrounding masonry by providing shade, evapo-transpiration (leaf respiration of...

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