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Jakob Stainless Steel Green Wall Systems

From MMA Architectural Systems UK

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Green Walls, bringing the age old technique of ‘greening’ into the 21st Century with our innovative Jakob products.

Whereas once the greening of buildings was left largely to nature, modern construction materials and methods make the practice more scientific, sustainable and long lasting – ensuring that the Green Wall benefits derived are not at the expense of the integrity of the building structure.

Our proven system uses a combination of high-quality stainless steel ropes, rods and mesh to create an elegant, sustainable and cost effective green wall solution.

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Unlike modular systems the Jakob system is lightweight, easy and fast to install. Our Green wall systems support new plants which are planted on site. Typically for a square meter of coverage, the system weighs only 20-30kg when planted. 

Plants can either be grown up green wall systems or cascaded down. In either case maintenance is simple and straightforward and is carried out at the planter level. Our systems not only offer a sustainable solution but are also energy efficient in production. Our range accounts for very little embodied energy per square meter of building. The system is completely recyclable at the end of its useful life. 

Limitless design possibilities

Green wall structures create unique designs even before schemes are fully planted. The combination of steel rod, rope and Webnet provide elegant design options, giving additional texture to facades and providing strong shadow definition.

The Jakob product range is backed by a full technical support package. Assisting architects, developers and contractors in selecting the best system to meet their aesthetic and performance needs. We also supply a complete design, supply, fit and maintenance service.

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