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Greening Grey Britain Garden at Chelsea 2017

Chelsea Flower Show
When the Royal Horticultural Society asked us to get involved in its ‘Greening Grey Britain’ initiative at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, we answered immediately with a resounding ‘yes’!

We believe passionately that flora and fauna have a crucial part to play in urban and suburban areas, with their role potentially becoming even more important as the climate changes and urbanisation continues to impinge on our green spaces.

With more pollution and flooding in towns and cities, plants and gardens have never been needed more, and this RHS programme is designed to tackle these issues by encouraging more people to grow plants in towns and cities.

To illustrate the scale of the challenge, the RHS built the Greening Grey Britain garden, at the Chelsea Flower Show, with the backdrop to the garden being a typical urban landscape. The design showed practical and creative solutions that could be applied in limited space – including the installation of green walls on building facades.

 Where space is limited, our Jakob green wall system is an ideal solution for ‘vertical greening’, and the Jakob Webnet green wall trellis that we supplied for this RHS garden fits perfectly with the Greening Grey Britain challenge. We also supplied our stainless steel wire rope assemblieswhich we installed as part of the balustrade on the edge of the garden’s balcony. This elegant solution not only tied in with the overall garden aesthetic, but also acted as a support structure for plants as they mature and cascade down from planters on the balcony. 

The garden’s designer, Professor Nigel Dunnett, said: “Gardens and plants are no longer an optional and decorative ‘nice-to-have’, they’re essential. With pollution levels dangerously high in cities and flash-flooding devastating areas of the country, we need to all embrace the fact that plants help mitigate against some of the biggest environmental threats facing us today.”

The installation of green walls (often referred to as Living Walls) dovetails with the aims and objectives of the Greening Grey Britain initiative, delivering a range of benefits that echo the programme’s goals:

  • Improve air cooling – making towns and cities more bearable in hot weather
  • Improve thermal efficiency – insulating buildings in the winter and cooling them during the summer
  • Improve air quality – helping to remove harmful particulates from the air
  • Improve noise insulation – dampening sound coming in to and out from the building
  • Improve the general aesthetics of a building and help deter graffiti
  • Provide a natural habitat for wildlife
  • Protect building’s facades – by adding a natural layer of protection from harmful UV rays, frost etc

For more information on the Green Grey Britain initiative, click here….

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