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Greening Data Centres

As the global demand for Data Centres continues to rapidly grow, so too do concerns regarding their environmental impact.

With extremely high energy and water consumption and significant greenhouse gas emissions, a good deal of work is being done to help improve their environmental footprint. Clearly no single action is going to remedy all these issues, but a combination of co-ordinated measures can be used to deliver tangible benefits.


A great example is the installation of a green wall system. Proven to provide a multitude of benefits, green walls (also known as living walls) can be part of a sustainable solution that addresses the ever-growing requirements for Data Centres.

Data Centres require a huge amount of cooling to maintain optimal functionality, which means they are extremely energy intensive. The introduction of greening to their façades creates natural insulation, enabling the cooling systems to be less energy intensive.

Significant noise can also be generated by server operations and cooling systems. Fully planted Green Walls help absorb and so dampen sound, which mitigates noise pollution. As a result, a more pleasant environment can be created.


Green walls can also improve the aesthetic of these otherwise very functional looking buildings. And when properly designed and maintained, they significantly enhance a structure’s appearance by adding interesting colour and texture to the façade. They also provide a perfect natural habitat for flora and fauna, creating a positive impact on biodiversity in the local environment – and a convenient stopping-off point for bugs as they navigate their way through towns and cities.

We supply and install residential and commercial green wall systems across the UK. Our systems consist of stainless steel wire rope, rods and Webnet wire mesh, creating trellises that can be fitted to building façades, providing structures for plants to be grown up or cascaded down.

To learn more about our Jakob Green Wall Systems, or discuss your specific project requirements, please contact our friendly technical team on 01761 419427 or email


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