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Stainless Steel Green Wall Wire Trellis Kit 960mm x 2000mm

Stainless Steel Green Wall Wire Trellis Kit 960mm x 2000mm

£257.12 Inc. VAT, £214.27 Ex. VAT

Stainless steel green wall wire trellis kits are perfect for use in gardens, courtyards and homes to create vertical greening. Working on the same principle as wooden garden trellises, stainless steel trellises fix to a vertical façade for climbing plants to use as a structure to grow up. Stainless steel green wall wire trellis kits are easy to install, requiring only basic tools and DIY skills, and can be fixed to brick, stone, concrete or wood. Wire trellis kits contain all the parts required to create a vertical wire greening system with a width of 960mm and a height of 2000mm. Manufactured from ‘marine grade’ 316 stainless steel, our kits are suitable for use in interior and exterior locations.

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Wire Trellis Kit Contents

Stainless steel green wall wire trellis kits 960mm x 2000mm contain:

  • 1 x allen key SW3
  • 8 x pan-head Ø 6 x 50 cross-recess chipboard screws A2
  • 8 x nylon dowel for dual thread screws 8 x 40
  • 5 x horizontal rods Ø 3.7 x 960
  • 20 x greenguide cross clamps 90°
  • 4 x radiused washers
  • 4 x light 2-part clamp rings Ø4
  • 4 x wire rope end caps
  • 4 x rope assemblies with radiused end stops
  • 8 x spacers Ø 40 x 82


Trellis Dimensions

Stainless Steel Green Wall Wire Trellis Kit 960mm by 2000mm Dimensions

Stainless steel green wall trellis kits are available in four sizes: 100 x 2000mm, 360 x 2000mm, 660 x 2000mm and 960 x 2000mm.

How to Install Your Wire Trellis Kit

Requiring only basic tools, our trellis kits are perfect for simple DIY installation. The video below shows step by step instructions explaining how to install your wire trellis. You can also download PDF step by step instructions. If you have any queries about how to install your trellis kit, please get in touch and we will be happy to advise.

Plants Suitable for Stainless Steel Green Wall Wire Trellis Kits

The most suitable plants to pair with green wall wire trellis kits are climbing plants that are appropriate for the location of the trellis. Popular climbing plants used with our trellis kits include jasmine, climbing roses, clematis, honeysuckle and sweet peas. Alternatively, the lesser known passion flower (Passiflora) and broad-leaved sausage vine (Holboellia Latifolia) are also an excellent choice of climbing plant to train on wire trellises.


In addition to supplying stainless steel green wall wire trellis kits in a range of sizes, we also design, supply and install large scale residential and commercial green wall trellis systems. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a large scale green wall project.

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Width: 960mm, height: 2000mm


AISI 316 stainless steel


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